7D Sydney & Surrounds

Join us on a journey full of breath-taking sighths, experiences and tastes! From jet-boating in the waters by the Sydney Opera House, to quad-biking in the dry lands of the sand dunes, and then to the heights of the Blue Mountains, we’ll take you on a trip that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

Our Itinerary

✅ Quad Biking Sand Dune Adventure

✅ Wine-tasting

✅ Grape stoping experience

✅ Blue Mountains National Park

✅ Scenic World’s high-altitude cableway

✅ OZ Jet Boating

Tour price RM 9,888 RM 9,588


  1. 21th Jun
  2. 2 Jul
  3. 12 Jul
  4. 23 Jul
  5. 4 Aug
  6. 11 Aug
  7. 26 Aug

Book by 15th May!

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☎️04-5306622 (Bukit Mertajam)

☎️04-7716633 (Alor Setar)