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Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands, is known for volcanoes, natural hot springs and ski resorts. From the steaming, volcanic Mt Showa Shinzan, caldera lakes and geothermal springs and gorgeous landscapes, you’ll definitely be rejuvenated by the end of the trip !

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Tour Highlights

  • Beer Factory in Sapporo
  • Suzukino Shopping Area
  • Hot Spring Hotel
  • Aborigine Ainu Traditional Dance
  • Otaru city – “Triumph in the Sky” shooting scene

  • Meal Highlights

  • Seafood Steamboat
  • International Buffet
  • Japan Traditional Food
  • Japanese Smoke Free BBQ
  • Kani Goten Hokkaido Crab

  • Tour Itinerary

    Meet & depart from Penang International Airport to capital of Hokkaido – Sapporo!
    Overnight on board.

    Meals Provided

    We will proceed to visit Hokkaido Do-Cho, Clock Tower (Tokeidai)Beer factory in Sapporo, Hokkaido Aborigine Ainu Village, Lake Toya.

    Hokkaido Do-Cho
    The Former Hokkaido Government Building, whose red appearance contrasts beautifully in every season, has gained wide popularity with its nickname akarenga, or “Red Bricks”. Completed in 1888, the American neo-baroque style brick building was designed by engineers of the Hokkaido Government and was constructed with many local building materials.

    Clock Tower
    The Clock Tower (Tokeidai) is a symbol of Sapporo. The building was constructed during the early period of Sapporo’s development in 1878 as a drill hall of the Sapporo Agricultural College. In 1881 a clock purchased from Boston was installed.

    Beer factory
    We can understand the making of beer brewing in factory. We can enjoy a cup of beer after visit their brewing process.

    Overnight in Lake Toya

    Meals Provided

    After breakfast in hotel, we will visit Mt Showa Shinzan, Bear Ranch, Tokachikawa Onsen Area via Hitaka Highland where you can have a panoramic view of the Tokachi Plain.

    Mt Showa Shinzan
    Still venting sulfurous fumes today, Showa Shinzan stands directly next to Mount Usu, which bears responsibility for the new mountain’s birth.

    Bear Ranch
    Show-shinzan Bear Ranch. It’s a bit funny to see them this way, cause even in a zoo, you don’t get to see them like that. You can buy a couple of bags of apples and cookies to feed them. They’ll wave at you, begging you to throw them either an apple or a cookie.

    It is a home for many bears. You can buy some biscuits or apple to feed them.

    Tokachikawa Onsen Area
    Via Hitaka Highland where you can have a panoramic view of the Tokachi Plain.

    **Overnight in Tokachikawa.

    Meals Provided

    After breakfast, start our day to visit Tokachikawa Bridge (Swan Garden). You may see the swans during autumn and winter seasons. Next we will continue to visit Ikeda Wine Factory, Kushiro Shitsugen National Park.
    Transfer to hotel to enjoy hot bath.

    Tokachikawa Bridge
    You may see swans fly from Siberia during autumn and winter season.

    Ikeda Wine Factory
    Tokachi wine, one of the local specialties of Ikeda Town, is aged and sold in Ikeda Wine Castle. Information on the cultivation of grapes and wine-making processes are on display in the basement of the castle. One can also see a room where a big barrel for brandy aging is exhibited. A shop offers Tokachi wine and other products from Ikeda Town. A free wine-tasting booth also attracts visitors.

    Overnight in Lake Akan

    Meals Provided

    Begin the day to the amazing Lake MashuMt I-O Live Volcano, Abashiri Ryu-Hyo-Kaqn Ice Glaciers Hall, Abashiri Prison. 

    Lake Mashu
    Lake Mashu (Mashūko) is a caldera lake in Akan National Park. It vies for the position of “clearest lake in the world”, and is considered by many to be Japan’s most beautiful lake. Lake Mashu is also one of the country’s deepest lakes and although it is usually appreciated for its clear blue water, it is also famously and frequently blanketed in heavy fog.

    Mt I-O Live Volcano
    Iozan (“Sulfur Mountain”) is an active volcano in the vicinity of Kawayu Onsen. Its yellow, sulfurous vents can be viewed from a close proximity as visitors are free to walk around the steaming, smoking area. Eggs, cooked by the natural heat of the mountain, are usually on sale near the vents. Further refreshments are available from the Iozan Visitor Center

    Abashiri Ryu-Hyo-Kaqn Ice Glaciers Hall
    You get to experience -15 degree Celsius in a very tiny room and provided a towel to swing around in the ice room. You can see the drift ice during winter season at 4th Floor of the building.

    Abashiri Prison
    The prison’s old buildings were moved into the Abashiri Prison Museum (Hakubutsukan Abashiri Kangoku), which opened its doors to the public in 1985 as an open air museum. Note that the modernized Abashiri Prison is still in operation at the foot of Mount Tento. The Abashiri Prison Museum illustrates the daily life of prisoners and exhibits more than a dozen buildings and structures of the old prison, including the main prison building with its five radially constructed wings, a law court, bath house and a punishment chamber.

    Overnight in Sounkyo

    Meals Provided

    Tours proceed to Ginga and Ryusei Falls. After that, we will be transferred to Otaru city via Asahikawa. Visit Otaru Canal Kita Ichi Glass Shop/Domoto Music Box Museum. After that, transfer to Sapporo city.

    Ginga and Ryusei Falls
    Ryusei falls and Ginga falls are famous waterfalls which are falling from the columnar joint of the sheer along the Ishikari River. Those are said to be the most beautiful falls in this area. Ryusei falls is a waterfall 90 m high, and is called male falls because water flows straight violently. Ginga falls is a waterfall 120 m high, and is called female falls because water flows delicately.

    Otaru city
    From the early days of Hokkaido’s colonization in the late 1800s, Otaru served as a major trade and fishing port. It was hence chosen as the terminal station of Hokkaido’s first railway line that connected the port with nearby Sapporo. Many old warehouses and former office buildings by shipping and trade companies give Otaru’s city center a special character reminiscent of past decades.

    Otaru Canal Kita Ichi Glass Shop/ Music Box Museum.
    Otaru Music Box Museum is one of the largest museum shops of music boxes, orgel, in Japan.  The beautiful century-old building, designated as one of historic landmarks of OtaruCity, is full of music boxes in various sizes and types.

    Overnight in Sapporo

    Meals Provided

    Last day of the tour, we will visit the Chocolate Factory Shiroi Kobito Park, Odori Park and continues our last minutes shopping at Underground Shopping Street. Transfer by coach to Chitose International Airport for your onward flight home.

    Chocolate Factory Shiroi Kobito Park
    The company’s flagship product is the Shiroi Koibito cookie, which consists of two thin butter cookies and a layer of white chocolate in between. It is one of the most famous souvenirs from Hokkaido. The park consists of a free area with a shop, cafe and restaurant and a paid area with various chocolate related exhibits and, most interestingly, a few large windows through which visitors can observe the cookie production process in the factory.

    Odori Park
    Odori Park (Ōdōri Kōen) is the broad median of Odori (“large street”) in the center of Sapporo, separating the city into north and south. The park stretches about a kilometer and a half over twelve city blocks and offers pleasant green space during the warmer months.

    Meals Provided


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